Introduction to Deep Learning

We have completed all the main tasks associated with Machine Learning. Now we can thoroughly focus on a popular and widely used subset of ML, Deep Learning. Understanding Deep Learning thoroughly is a very important aspect for getting a job relating to this field. Deep Learning models have by far outnumbered all the successful attempts made by other models. In short, Deep Learning is the most powerful tool that is accessible in the ML Space. Firstly we need a rough introduction and the right mindset to advance into this field

Basic Intuition

most of the DL models are inspired by the human brain. They have the concepts of neurons which can transmit information, learn, make new connections etc. DL is based on the theory that after repeated training the neurons stimulate connections between them that fits the data the most, here it uses weights and biases. We will discuss about this in the future. A single neuron is called a Percepteron. Deep Learning models take more time to train but often have lower error rates, are flexible and is proven to be better than other models. There are many kinds of DL Models such as:

  • Artificial Neural Network [ANN]
  • Convolutional Neural Network [CNN]
  • Recurrent Neural Network [RNN] using LSTM Cells
  • Self Organizing Maps [SOM]
  • Deep Restricted Boltzmann Machines [RBM]
  • AutoEncoders

There are many more models, but these models are the most popular ones. We will be learning about these models in the future. I would like to say that if you want to enter the ML Field Deep Learning is a must. At the end of the day, DL is just another type of model. Once you learn Deep Learning I ensure you that you will feel confident in your skill level. Learning it is very easy as there are a lot of videos online on YouTube for example, or courses on Udemy etc. Deep Learning is a bliss. I hope you would enjoy Deep Learning. But there are certain things that you need to know to develop a proper mindset to learn the concepts of DL.

Deep Learning mindset

Deep Learning is not as intuitive and easy as the core concepts of ML. I will be explaining about them but if you want a full in-depth explanation along with mathematics and other things you have to refer online. Another thing is that, the code used to write a DL Model is not so straightforward or easy. It requires some intermediate skill in Python. You have to plan out each decision that you take. At the end of the day, Deep Learning will help you a lot in the future. You should also be ready to learn new and difficult concepts. At first, it seems difficult but after seeing the Python Code and understanding the theory a couple of times it becomes easy!

So All the best on your new journey! We will be learning the concepts at a very intuitive and down to earth level. In the next blog we will be discussing on the first form of Supervised DL, the Artificial Neural Network [ANN]. So until then have a nice day and enjoy Deep Learning. 🙂



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